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Welcome to our web site.  We're Heavy Feathers, four good friends in a wedding and function band.

We're based near Glasgow and we perform all over Scotland and the north of England.  We have the classic line up of bass, drums, two guitars and vocals.  If you have a look at our set list you'll get an idea of the kind of tunes we play.  We're always adding new songs so if you don't see your favourite listed, just ask.  Chances are we'll already know it but have just forgotten to list it :-)

If you have a specific first dance you'd like to have at your wedding, we'll happily learn it for you; just give us about 12 weeks notice so we can get it polished to the level we're happy with.

We're wedding specialists and as such have performed in most of the best wedding venues in the country.  We are able to deal with sound limiters and can play under any noise limits.  We're cool if one of your guests or relatives wants to come up and do a song with us - in fact there's not much we won't do to make sure you have a fantastic night at your wedding reception or party.

We understand that at weddings in particular there is a wide range of ages and musical preferences. We'll try and make sure everyone hears music they love and can dance to and we will change what we're playing on the fly if we spot someone in the audience that hasn't been up on the dance floor for a while.

Like most of the busiest bands in Scotland, we use Hireaband to take care of all our paperwork and admin. This frees us up to concentrate on the music. You'll find them (and us) easy to get along with and you won't pay more to hire us through them than you would direct. 

The guys at Hireaband will be happy to answer any music or entertainment related questions you have.  We realise you've probably never been married before and it can seem quite daunting. No question is too daft so don't worry, just drop Karen a line, or give her a call on 0141 413 4060 and she'll get right back to you with free advice and any additional information you might want on us.

Thanks for visiting our page.  We hope you like what you see and hear enough to consider us for your party. If you'd like an instant quote and availability check just click the button on this web site and Bob's your uncle.